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Meet Trace

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Neomi Rhyne

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Face to Face with Trace is a coaching and mentoring program geared to support bridal and beauty makeup artist. With a focus on productivity, branding, marketing, sales, automation, and systems, we bring industry knowledge, 18 years of professional experience, and execution strategies to serve our clients.

Listen, I can remember the days of searching for someone to guide me. I spent HOURS on Google searching for coaches, consultants, makeup artists, ANYBODY, who was willing to take me under their wing and lead the way.  I even searched for paid mentorships, because time is money and I understand that as a small business owner and entrepreneur. But 10 years ago, finding these leaders were few and far between, let alone in the beauty industry. I would get so FRUSTRATED! All I wanted was someone to bounce ideas off of and then either give me a few recommendations, or point me into the direction of where I needed to go next. I just wanted to be proactive and avoid some of the most common mistakes that an experienced or veteran makeup artist (or wedding professional) may have already made. So trial and error was what I had to experience.

There were also times when I would find FREE RESOURCES on Instagram and online.  I would listen for hours and hours on end to Facebook webinars, only to find that they were a bunch of FLUFF and business jargon that taught me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I was READY......TO.....TAKE.....ACTION! Are you?

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